Pandorum Movie Review

The movie Pandorum is a modern interpretation of the ancient Greek re-creation myth and updates the prophecy applied by the work of John’s scripture in Revelations. The movie explores the metaphorical end game, the re-creation of humanity and the primary characters for a struggle between good and evil. The first main protagonist is the Homeric “modern Prometheus” played by Ben Foster as Corporal Bower. He evolves through the narration into a contemporary of Oedipus the one, the savior. Bower is supported by few, other warriors, who combined to represent the magical 1,000 number, derived from the 100 Handers and the three Cyclopes.

The good characters are pursued by many monsters. In an allegorical depiction they are in fact hungry humans, now resorting to cannibalism to survive the harsh environmental circumstances. When man eats man they become monsters, less human and more animal or demon.This is why the monsters have human features and are only slightly altered on their surface, their skin to appear less human and more evil. The beasts also have horns projecting from their body structure which is a common theme held to underworld characters.  The Minotaur a man with the head of a bull was the first ancient horned beast of the underworld, Satan soon followed in cryptic literature.

The other distinct human feature missing from the monsters are their nose. The nose is often used as a  general media reference that differentiates people that know, or think they nose, the complete understanding of the real creation and recreation myths and those who don’t nose or don’t understand, Homeric media. Bob Dylan used a reference in his song “Just like a woman”, and it can be found in the line “and everybody Nose”. The nose is Freemason, Greek fraternity and general secret society gestures, it is similar in part to a secret hand shake.

The reason the monsters are so much faster and stronger than the humans is the fact that they are on a meat diet, Cannibals have a diet high in protein. Since they are not living off bugs or miscellaneous marginally digestible items, their strength is fare superior to that of the none participating humans.

Zeus is played by “Dennis Quaid as Lt. Payton” which appears as successful in destroying the “rusted” Iron Age. The Greeks said he would distroy the Iron age and here he has done it. In the movie Zeus exceeds in destroying the Iron Age but modern Prometheus, Bower was able to save 1213, this being the number given at the end of the movie.

First let us build off the story line as it appears to those unable to understand or “NOSE” its true meaning and literary evolution. Than we shall explore the Greek myth of Pandora, the first woman and her magic box / jar. Lastly an attempt will be made to uncover the nature elements and actions, which metaphorically represent the underlining meaning. Exposing the overwhelming details in the Pandorum movie are keys to it clearly epitomizing the end game or re-end game, the same story told in every religion both Eastern and Western; which is just slightly altered to make connection difficult.

Pandorum is a 2009 science fiction/horror film written by Travis Milloy and directed by Christian Alvart. The film stars Dennis Quaid “Payton” and Ben Foster “Bower” as the two primary protagonists. They are two astronauts who awake to find themselves drifting through space some 500 million miles from Earth. Payton and Bower awake from hibernation and suffer from memory loss. Soon they discover, they are the crew of a sleeper ship, transporting 16,000 passengers in deep hibernation.

Exploring the spacecraft, Payton and Bower encounter several other crew members and the astronauts learn that the survival of the human race is in question. This is aways the main theme of any re-creation or re-Genesis story. The other human crew members are ether hiding or being eaten by monsters. Here Payton and Bower learn that some humans have mutated from a genetic enhancement designed to help them adapt to life on a new world; the planet of their destination, “Titus”. It is stated that the drugs designed to help humans adapt to the Titus environment has mutated people into these monsters. And, these monsters like to eat humans.

Beyond the monsters, humans Payton and Bower also learn that some crew members are suffering from a psychosis, created from deep hibernation. This is a severe psychological condition diagnosed as Pandorum, brought about by being in deep-space for extended periods.

Here is an interesting image because Cam Gigandet playing the character Gallo is projected as four different people. Any image of four people turns out to be a apocalyptic reference and Pandorum turns out to be such a story.

The Pandorum movie is a literary evolution of Pandora the first woman “giver of all, the Eve of ancient Greek theology. As Hesiod related it, each god helped create Pandora by giving her one unique gift. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to mould her out of the Earth “Gaia” this being part of Prometheus punishment for stealing fire, now directed at mankind. All the gods of pathogen joined in offering this “beautiful evil” seductive gift to mankind.

Since all the Gods of ancient Greece had a hand in creating Pandora multiple references of different Greek gods do appear throughout the movie.  This is not just your average story of Zeus and Prometheus having at each other, Zeus of course always wins where by Prometheus un-able to die is sent to suffer.

Pandora’s other names, include Anesidora which might have a Roman origin. Considering that the Greek gods and stories also had Roman names and similar stories. Anesidora is inscribed as the name of Pandora figure in the British Museum, which means “she who sends up gifts,” and implying that “from below”, from within the earth or under the sea. So in atleast one Roman Pandora myth story she comes from the underworld from hell and not the heavens.

According to the Greek myth, Pandora opened a jar (pithos), in the more modern tale the jar is referred to as “Pandora’s box”. Some accounts have Pandora opening the container others it is suggested Epimetheus released the evils of mankind. Some of the particular evils include plagues and diseases, but were not specified in Hesiod’s detailed account. As the evils were escaping the jar / box hope remained locked inside. It is said she opened the jar out of simple curiosity and was not intended as a malicious act.

Pandora being the first woman could also be connected to being the first Queen and in one of the hibernation capsules a woman is shown with the name Rajni. In fact Ranji is Indian for Queen so here is an example of hidden understanding but only for the people who NOSE how to find it.

The myth of Pandora is ancient, and appears in several distinct Greek versions, and interpretations have found many literary evolutions; ending “maybe” in this grand climax Pandorum. In the seventh century BC Hesiod scripture, in Theogony mentions Pandora outright, at line 570, without naming her. However, there is an older mention of jars or urns containing both evils and blessings upon mankind and it can be found in Homer’s Iliad.

In Homer’s Iliad on the floor of Zeus’ palace there stand two urns, the one filled with evil gifts and the other with good ones. He for whom Zeus the lord of thunder mixes the gifts he sends, will meet now with good and now with evil fortune; but he to whom Zeus sends none but evil gifts will be pointed at by the finger of scorn, the hand of famine will pursue him to the ends of the world, and he will go up and down the face of the earth, respected neither by gods nor men. So Zeus points a figure at Prometheus because from Christianity will have learned well that there can not be a king without a sacrifice. This is like saying you can’t have rich people without poor people or the two could not be differentiated.

Since the basic story of Pandorum and the understanding of the Greek god Pandora has been constructed, now a deeper interpretation can be forged. Signs to uncover Pandorum as an interpretation of an end game, re-end game or an allegory to the prophecy in Revelations can be found. Some clues or keys come in the story theme; others are projected in the small but important details.

Let us begin the deep analysis with the sound, in the Pandorum movie the continual roar or rumble of the ships reactor core  thunders throughout the ship. Thunder is important because it comes with lightning, and lightning is what Zeus controls, in addition to the complete understanding of earth’s nature, environment and switching or re-creation cycles.

In fact, Zues works to hide the understanding of earth’s climatic changes, for this is how he controls the spiritual and celestial heavens. The thunder sound is the first hint that the Pandorum story is not about man leaving earth but surviving the catastrophic environmental switches; as in a Noah story, as in the Adam and Eve account and in Exodus.

Other elements that denote Zues’ control of lightning / thunder come from the Homeric mission engineered into the Pandorm story. Modern Prometheus” played by Corporal Bower clearly is involved in a mission to steal fire. In the original Prometheus story, he steals fire and is punished by Zues for his deeds. Prometheus never stole fire, the fire element is represented metaphorically as the power of lightning, the energy that empowers Zeus. Bower who is an engineer attempts to restart the ships reactor core. The reactor core takes on the spiritual significance to the power of lightning, now contained by man, not the gods. This major storyline follows the ancient Prometheus account of his actions of stealing fire but updates and modernizes the story into sci-fi.

At the point when Bower’s character asks Lt. Payton “Dennis Quaid” for directions to the reactor core, here is the first sign presented that Payton is actually representing Zeus. In turn Payton provides no assistance when earlier Payton was completely able to rapidly extrapolate navigation through the earth ship, the maze or Labyrinth. At this point Payton is shown locked to the control panel as Zeus suffering from psychosis. In the movie although not well detailed it is suggested even that Payton has possible steered Bower away from the the reactor core. This would be Zeus protecting his power which controls his ruler ship over humanity.

Payton representing Zeus from this point on appears now to be a psychotic character bent on destroying the “rusted” Iron Age and as the story plays out succeeds in this genocide. When Corporal Bower finally restarts the reactor core Lt. Payton is suddenly illustrated as Zeus a later image is than provided of lightning bolts shooting from his head. Modernizing the Prometheus story, Payton now fully represents the homicidal Zeus, awaken to the fact that Bower now fully epitomizes Prometheus and has stole fire from the gods.

Corporal Bower is referred to as the boy scout from here on out, which is a way to bring the legend of Oedipus into the story. The Oedipus connection is extrapolated by Bower being an unlikely hero, savior or sacrifice, not physically or mentally able to overcome against all odds. The “Three Little Indians riddle was later weaved into the movie similar to further make the story into an Oedipus-ethan like story.

NOTE the “Three Little Indian Story” and images are all included at the bottom of the page for you to solve if you are interested. I did not explore the long / stretched or short words of the “Three Little Indians” ryme but felt it might be so Morse code in there. It just seemed that some words were long others made strangely short.

In the movie the monsters are represented as eating humans, when in fact they embody the portion of the human population, which survives or subsists through a climate switch by cannibalizing its own population. The time when man shall eat man, told in the Greek stories of creation, carried through into Linear Western Religion and finally vomited to attention in the Pandorum movie.

Bower carries a non lethal weapon because he does not want to kill the represented humans and certainly not their children. Bower or Prometheus is not homicidal, unlike Zeus which appears bent on destroying humanity and nearly all biological life. Zeus should be considered, the god of extermination and suffering, evil to the core and beyond.

The classic Four Horsemen materialize as Ben Foster playing Bower, Antje Traue as Nadia, Cung Le performing as Manh and finally Eddie Rouse portraying Leland. Nadia is denoted as Pandora, when Manh embodies the connection between the western and Asian religion. This is demonstrated by Manh presences or appearance but he speaks no English. So the connection between western and Asian religion exists but the connection cannot be easily made in Pandora ’s Box. Although Manh clearly demonstrates a 100 Hander with his fast hands and fighting ability.

Eddie Rouse portraying Leland which clearly demonstrates an ancient Greek Cyclopes in body and actions. To the ancient Greeks tales Cyclopes lived in caves, an underworld, hell and often ate humans. Leland plays the role of a Cyclopes where he lives in a circle cave, a trap and survives off eating humans. Leland is only convinced to help and join the party of three as the fourth member when he is told, the end is near. The final clue to Leland representing a Cyclopes is provided at the end when Dennis Quaid stabs him in the eye. This ending is his punishment for surviving off humans as a cannibal. Suggesting that even Zeus punishes people for being wicket.

Zues the high god is represented as having a dual persona at the point when Cam Gigandet playing the Gallo character merges physically with Lt. Payton. It is unclear where this literary evolution comes from but seems to be an important element of the prophecy. The duality might symbolize a psychological struggle within Zeus between being both good and evil. Although, when combined it appears Zeus is utterly empowered by wickedness.

As it turns out, Bower the modern Prometheus is not threatened by Zeus but the human population which is brutal, and lacks understanding, compassion and moral direction. Most of the humans are represented as a modern interpretation of Zombies in appearance and achievements, only capable of barely surviving through self consumption. It could be thought that when man eats man they become horrible monsters and this is why they appear in this fashion. In the end Payton / Zeus reveals to Bower the location of the spaceship which is Zeus, now illuminating to his environmental knowledge. This event takes place when Zeus opens the earth ship cockpit shields. So here Zeus is uncovering environmental knowledge he knew or NOSE from the start of the movie.

The environmental knowledge disclosed by Zeus turns out to be that the ship is in fact not in space but in an ocean, on a planet very similar to earth. In metaphor the ship never left earth but it is a vehicle to survive the biblical climate switch. Bower and Payton struggle for control, as in a battle between Zeus and Prometheus. During this struggle between good and evil a cockpit window is damaged. The crack now in the virtual window, to the brave new world brings forth a “Noah” flood into the cockpit and water runs forth like wine. Bower now assumes the role of Adam and Nadia is thrust into the role of Eve, as in the Garden of Eden account. Together they escape in a hibernation pod.

Before moving on to the end take one more look at the hibernation pod because meaning can be extracted in its physical appearance. Gaze into the window of life, the eye of the world and see the escape pod porthole, it is in the shape of a religious cross. The Christian cross now represents that here a prophecy is made and can be followed through western scripture. The hibernation pod physical represents Pandora’s Box or jar in its original reference. The escape pod is now represented as a tool used to continue humanity.

As the escape pod is ejected from the earth ship it now represents the ancient Greek Pandora Jar full of both good and evil. The good and evil has always been a human reflection but here in conclusion “HOPE” is now released; after HOPE was contained since the beginning of time. HOPE never escaped the box when it was first opened by Pandora and here in the movie HOPE is now released. Humanity might still have a future, earth might have a new name but it might not be destroyed; who NOSE. To survive the journey to the surface Bower gives Traue the oxygen mask. Since Traue character is representing Pandora the giver of all, the first woman she can die from human conditions.

Pandora is now Anesidora as in the figure described in the British Museum, “she who sends up gifts,” and implying that she emerges “from below”, from within the earth. Bower who now fully represents the Greek god, the modern Prometheus is not human anymore and cannot be killed from human circumstances and freely provides Traue the mask of Oxygen, in this act he saves her and humanity.

It is undetermined if Zeus dies or leaves Payton’s body in spirit before a flood of water appears to overcoming him. Payton played by Dennis Quaid assumes a crash position. This is the position demonstrated as used to survive a plane crash. Since Zeus often is represented as an eagle here the pilot and navigator Payton seems to intentionally fall on his sword.

Since a god cannot kill a god, it appears here Zeus finds himself internally as unstable, psychotic, homicidal and genocidal, in a final triumph of the rule of Zeus, he executes his own death and commits himself to the underworld.

An additional interpretation can be made with Zeus forcing his own death. It is possible to allude to the fact that Zeus can not destroy Prometheus because he continues to exist and live on in humanity as HOPE, or the embodiment of HOPE. Since Zeus cannot out right destroy Prometheus he attempts to destroy himself, and as such is the key to destroying Prometheus. As Zeus attempts to kill both himself and Prometheus Pandora chooses which god should live and together they escape the underworld, the deep ocean. Most-likely here I am drawing too much into a story I care too little about; who NOSE.

After the pod reaches the surface, Bower and Traue are alone and in a vast untamed Garden of Eden, recreating the ancient creation myth stories. This event simulates the account of Prometheus where he gives birth to humanity. Bower’s action of breaking the window ejects the remaining escape pods. Suddenly, as in a virgin “Gaia” type birth other escape pods begin to pop out of the ocean and Bower and Traue playing Adam and Eve, find they are not alone anymore. They along with the others are floating in their personal arks replicating the Noah story.

In the movie, the number 1213 survivors is provided, this number might have multiple significance. The number 12 clearly represents the two sets of twelve high gods of Greek mythology, the 12 Titans and the 12 Olympians.

The Christian religion has 12 disciples because it is an evolution of the Greek gods.  Jesus Christ would represent the 13th disciple.  The number 13 represents the Rome re-interpretation of the Greek gods, a precursor the the 12 disciples plus one Jesus. Demonstrating that there are 1213 survivors is communicating the ancient re-creation myth with the number 12, representing the survivors and 13 being their new god.

Finally here the discovery of the modern 1213 survivors can be extrapolated from the modern metaphors implied in the Pandorum movie. The 1213 number must also embody the 100 Handers, the humans and three Cyclopes that align themselves with the modern Titian Prometheus.

That is right, Zeus is an Olympian and the leader of the 12 high Olympian gods. Prometheus is a Titan one of the 12 original Titans so the name Tanis must represent a new earth now ruled by Titans and Prometheus.

Pandorum is a story of a ku de ta an over throw of the current leadership of earth and the human gods.

This being the case, the 1213 survivors now materialize on a new world, the same world but absent of the controlling gods. Here at the end a new name is given to this brave new world and it is Titus, controlled now, by the Titian Prometheus. So here the death of the 12 Olympians is foretold and it comes with a re-birth of the Titans from deep within the earth well, well demonstrated in the Pandorum movie.

Leland’s Riddle: Three Little Indians

Boom Oh as the whole world cheered,

From the thunder of earth’s mightiest creation,

Alysime, one s mall spark,

To ignite the heavens,

For the heroes,

To venture farther and farther than anyone in mankind to choose,

And we slept, we slept a slumber so deep,

That no one had did before,

As the little Indian were left minding the store,

Mother earth’s final call

All of god’s creation ending with mere words of encouragement,

Message ->Your all that’s left of us, good luck, God bless, and God Speed,

Three Little Indians with a burden to bear,

No more law nothing of the care,

Just three whose soles and destiny has become,

Because there was chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop

Then there was only one,

One little Indian left,

One little Indian left alone with all his doom,

He refused to go to bed so what does he do,

He decides to stay up and play in his room,

What nasty little games he would play,

With a sobering gray,

He was (slayer o/r slave) he was master, he was both,

God and the devil,

That is what some would say,

He would grow to manhood,

A self proclaimed king,

Master of his own vessel,

Home to his own sin o/r city,

He just cast out all that behaved,

To exile in the cargo hold to fend ammos themselves,

And scavenge and feeding off their own,

Evil grow the king no longer wanted to play,

So he returned to his bed of slumber,

And while the king slept a whole new world of (evil o/r Eve) grew,

As we wept

Here is a link to a blog that adds additional details about the Pandorum movie.

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