2012 Movie review Abu Ghraib Black Puppet Man

Author B Billy Mars – Professional Geologist

Writer of the H2onE2 and H3onE3 works

Now the movie 2012 is stupid, with typical creationist plot that can only be described as unbearable at best. The animation on the other hand is rather amazing. The only reason this film forced a review is the one extremely interesting image of the Abu Ghraib Black Puppet Man, which appears along with a racially subversive plot, profile both existing as dark and suggestive. As far as the Black Puppet Man image goes, it undeniably demands an intellectual exploration. In fact the topic is so explosive to not write on the subject is to deny any deep understanding.

This will be a race neutral examination, as a group or flock there is no superior, intellectually, civil or brutal race. Some races have more recently, within generations moved out of a Caveman / Stone Age existence, which means certain groups, will suffer from alcohol problems due to recent cultural exposure to fire water but that is about it. I don’t think any group is any more violent at any other group, they are all equally peaceful and sadistic.

Let’s get this nice, clear and straight, I personally do not feel attached to any specific racial group, in contrary I would feel proud to not be attached to any specific group of physical features or colors. For me this is a primitive concept, but I am not willing to tattoo my body green or blue, yet; not yet. All racial groups appear as stupid puppets each willing to sell out the other, their own, you, me, whatever. Oddly enough the people selling out their own race seem to also maintain strong visual, cultural, emotional and spiritual ties; must be a uniquely outlandish human trait.

Now we have set the frame work we can openly talk about this Abu Ghraib Black Puppet Man that makes its appearance in the 2012 movie. Black Puppet man seems almost to be placed there by Charles Manson himself as part of his Helter Skelter prophecy. If a connection can be made between the 2012 movie and the Abu Ghraib torture pictures, raising like cream up a chain of command, to a single figure their diagnosis would be described as the top of the 10 most bizarre mental disorders, with cannibal tendencies.

The Abu Ghraib Black Puppet Man image shows up in the 2012 movie in a scene that takes place in the President’s office. In the movie the President is played by Danny Glover, a man of African American decent. So here brings into question, does the Abu Ghraib picture foretell a future black president who then sells out humanity, as a puppet to the ruling class.  This is really juicy stuff to write about and it does appear Danny Glover is clearing representing Barack Obama, the very man prophesied in the Abu Ghraib Black Puppet Man image. Although the science in the movie is nonsense we should question if we are looking into the suggestion of a very real escape plan, different conditions. This plan devised by the ruling elite must be in the hope of avoiding any justice from centuries of war, strife and repeated racial conflicts designed to maintain their rule.

Movies are organized by a collection of shots, let’s say something like 300 shots would make one movie. The Abu Ghraib Black Puppet Man image shows up in multiple shots, so its importance is rather significant to revealing its meaning. The Puppet man first appears on the President’s desk during a meeting with the actor Chiwetel Ejiofor and Oliver Platt.

During the series of shots the Abu Ghraib Black Puppet Man almost seems to move as though the image was first placed near Danny Glover and than re-located behind Oliver Platt.

It even makes a third appearance when the President’s daughter played by Thandie Newton enters the room. So this little evil thing is so distinctive and cannot be missed or denied; it is there and it means something important.

For all we know the Abu Ghraib pictures could have been “not” created by the military at all but by a Holywood photographer. I mean nothing gets out of a military prison, unless it is politically designed to be released at a conscious level, don’t feed me bullshit. In the media there are other images of people who have worn a black pointed hat and they are not good ones.

The black pointy hat appears in most hostage images almost as a universal costume, a generic Mickey Mouse of doom.  This black hat is a cultural historical icon worn by either the hostage/captives/victim or by their guard/hangman.

It is hard to say if the Abu Ghraib Black Puppet Man image is referring to Barack Obama as the victim or the hangman, or maybe even both. Like I said, you cannot pass writing on this nasty topic.

Now the 2012 movie has these strong racial overtones built into the racially divided character groups, their social class position and projected profile. So let’s explore the ruling class race reversal in the 2012 end of days Noah’s ark type movie. All positions typically expected by Holywood to be filled by one race is filled by another.

Now I do not want to be considered as stereotyping groups, I will only be stereotyping Holywoods and their typical reference of these racial groups. I did find one thing appealing about Barack Obama and that was this large elderly group of black Americans, whom clearly suffered immensely under racial suppression during the 1960’s now felt like they really belonged as citizens.

The truth being much different than the iconic imagery. No, Barack Obama is no icon but a Freemason / Prince Hall I believe, selling out humanity along with his own race, my race, your race, so an enemy of the state, of civilization, decency and a puppet for the ruling elite. So the pointed puppet hat and the Freemason pyramid and eye symbol can easily be connected.

This will surely bring in negative responses, division and stereotypical primitive resentment but the story needs to be described as it is represented, not in any idealistic cultural image you have visually constructive in your meatball of a mind. We will move beyond primitive and evolve emotionally; not possible for most. Then again I do not write for the majority, cause they are pretty stupid. This is an intellectual exploration for a minority whatever color, race or god you also don’t identify with.

The 2012 movie revolves around four important characters two black and two white. On the dark side of the moon you have Danney Glover as the President and Chiwetel Ejiofor as a geologist. It is almost funny being a geologist myself, how few black geologist there are, not sure why it is just that way in real life. Tons from the middle east and India but Africa seems to always be pillaged for its resources, so maybe Black geologists would just be an ass pain for the ruling elite.

Living in harmony or not so much are the two main white characters or Horseman John Cusack and Woody Harrelson. So in this twist or final destination the two main black characters represent the controlling factions of society, well on their way to selling out humanity, their own race and even their own family if need be.  The two white characters although not heroes in the comic book sense work to uncover the dark plot hidden by the two black protagonists.

In an indirect contradiction, here in the 2012 story the black characters are represented as calm, cool and collected when the white characters are servants as in John Cusack job as a limo driver. Woody Harrelson the other white character is profiled as a raging lunatic on the fringe of nonsense or a biblical discovery.

The social standing of the white characters is pretty bad, nut ball Woody Harrelson lives off pickles and beer. In all sense Woody Harrelson represents a homeless person living out of a substandard, broken RV, whom is unclean, disheveled and mentally disorganized. Now John Cusack is imaging a character who has lost everything, a wife, his son emotionally, a home and in all value a life. John Cusack is dead to the world of the living or we could say happily living. Am, I the only one who notices these things or everyone is just deaf, dumb and blind?

Well with Woody Harrelson, his characters aversion to pickles does not go un-noticed but seems to perhaps reference the Arlo Guthrie song The Motorcycle Song and the Significance of the Pickle. When both Woody Harrelson and John Cusack unmistakably symbolize a rebel writer and a confuted dreamer, which combine in the end, too late for humanity.

Lets finish this up with the strange uncomfortable period in the movie when President Danny Glove makes this conscious decision to go down with the ship, I mean literally it like falls on his frickin head. At this part of the movie it is rather disturbing because it is well noted that President Danny Glove has spent time and energy keeping humanity from finding out there doom, now slides into this inspirational movement as a captain going down with his ship. Clearly his plan was much different for the last few years, something about short term memory loss, and this just being too stupid to sit through.   The unsettling subject matter is that first the president sells out humanity and are even connected to murders of those morally prepared to spill the beans now decides to join their doom. Did you buy into any of that nonsense or what?

No, I think the movie is revealing that the captian/hangman/captive, Black Pointed hat man will be provided with no choice but to go down with the ship and suffer the consequences of his past actions. This seems to signify “bad juju” and the curse of the black pointed hat puppet man. In conclusion the movie 2012 predicts the life, path and death of Barack Obama for told by the Giant pyramid eye god and he can make some shit happen.

~ by h2one2 on July 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “2012 Movie review Abu Ghraib Black Puppet Man”

  1. You are a fucking idiot. The picture on the desk is of a raincoat on the wall. Alot of art freaks would call it art. Now the Columbia lady logo has to be in the perfect god dammed middle of the screen because it would look like shit if the lady is standing on the side. Like when you hang a frame on the wall. You wouldn’t put it hanging more on one side, right??? There might be a triagle or a piramid because it just math. Life is made of math. Not only there is a triangle there, but there is a circle and a spiral, and more circles, and more math shapes. Get a fucking life!!!

    • Love being called an idiot, totally approved this comment, wow you just egged the egg man on. Grinning ear to ear: ) Of course, it is what I say it is, when I say it is. The racially divisive plot justifies the true meaning to the puppet man picture.

  2. lol you’re a paranoid crazy.

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